So Long 33

Another year. Another year that has been filled with laughter, adventure, sadness, joy, stress, tears, and love. Each moment forming together to create a different version of me.

It no longer scares me getting older. As I age I gain wisdom. I gain realistic expectations. I gain the ability to create a sanctuary filled with love around me. Also as I age I lose the drama. I lose the willingness to hold a grudge. I lose the negativity trying to fill my days. Getting older is a part of life. Acknowledging this allows me to fully embrace the life I live and the people that surround me. I am truly ready to embrace all of who I am and who I continue to become.


Looking ahead, what does the next year have in store!

  • A new baby. I have to admit it still sometimes baffles me that we are having another child. I wanted a third child for so long that it just did not seem to be in our cards. However we are and I cannot wait to meet the little fella. It is going to be such a different experience. What brings me so much joy is that I get to share this experience with my daughters. They are finally on board with having a brother and are completely ready to meet him.
  • A new home. We have officially outgrown the home that we are in now. I am not great at change but know that it is time to move forward and find a place that accommodates our growing family. Location is still up in the air but we know where ever we end up, the love that we have for each other is what creates a home.
  • Continuing my blogging. I have been teetering on deciding whether I want to blog for a hobby or for a business. I love writing and want to make sure that what I write continues to be authentic and things that I am passionate about. Sometimes I feel that the pressure to make it a business takes the fun out of writing. However I also believe that there can be a balance between the two in order for me to get the best of both worlds.
  • Getting healthy. I know, I know, it seems like a ridiculous thing to throw in there but I know I have not been at my healthiest. Since the loss of my dad I dipped into a bit of a depression and have not been taking care of myself. Now being pregnant and eating everything in my sight, I know that I need to take charge of my health. Changing the way I eat and starting in exercise regimen is a must in order for me to gain the healthy lifestyle I once had. It would also benefit me in keeping up with this crazy kids!

These are just a few things that will happen within the next year! I am thoroughly excited about 34 and where this year will take me!!