Casual Mom Style

Now I am no fashion guru. Do I love clothes? Yes. Do I love shopping? Of course. But I am far from an expertise of what is in style and the must haves for every season. One thing I do know is comfort. I want the clothes that I wear to be comfortable while still maintaining a certain level of style. I thought it would be fun to share a little snippet of what I like to call my casual mom look. As a stay at home mom it is so easy to just say forget it and keep my pajamas on. But I feel I get more things accomplished when I am dressed and ready to go.

So here is what my casual look consists of:

T-shirt: Who doesn’t love a great t-shirt? Whether it is the comfy boyfriend style shirt from Old Navy or a shirt with a great saying, t-shirts are a must have in my casual mom look. Here I am wearing one of my favorites. I am a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, even wrote a post that you can read here, so of course I would need to have a shirt that shows my love for the show.

High waisted jeans: I remember before kids I would laugh at “mom” jeans. I would never wear those I do recall saying. Well flash forward many years and let me tell you, “mom” jeans are my best friend. High waisted jeans cover everything that I want covered and are so comfortable. I fully embrace them as part of my style!

Sneakers: I have always been a fan of shoes. Sneakers more than high heels. I fell in love with these Steve Madden ones instantly and knew I had to get them!

Bracelet: I always love to have pieces of jewelry that have meaning. My husband bought me this beautiful Pandora bracelet a couple years ago. I have each one of my children’s initials as charms. It is a beautiful and heartfelt piece that I like to wear.

Watch: This Welly Merck watch is the perfect addition to my casual look. I love the simplicity in the color and size. It gives a very minimalist look but still has the ability to be a statement piece. I can not believe how luxurious I feel when I have it on. Also it is made with quality in mind so I am never worried about it not holding up to my crazy mom life. The watch I received is named the classic Washington. It is made of black stainless steel and black mesh strap. I loved the blue hands on this watch. It is a nice contrast to all the black. Welly Merck has a rose gold watch too that is worth checking out! See I know a little about fashion trends!

Be sure to use the code KRISTEN20 for 20% off a watch for yourself!

There you have it! My casual mom look! What is your casual mom look? Let me know in the comments below!

*This post contains product that I have received to review and contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own.