Baby Bump Update-Week 17

Goodness this pregnancy is going so quickly. I keep meaning to take weekly pictures and before I know it I am already approaching the following week. The last two weeks have been such great weeks for memories. At my last doctor’s appointment I took the girls with me so that they could hear the heartbeat. I was waiting for this moment. The moment to see their faces, to hear their reactions. I was in tears just thinking about the moment. Well let me say it was not exactly what I pictured in my head. Since the midwife and an intern were in the room, the girls were terrified to have any reaction. Their shyness took over and enveloped the whole moment. There was no words spoken, no reaction made. Just my girls sitting there, staring at my belly. I asked them what they thought. Absolutely nothing.

However the moment we were alone in that room, excitement came over their faces. They talked and talked about what they heard. It brought tears to my eyes. Ok well more like the flood gates opened. I was so thrilled to have this moment with my girls. I did not get this when I was pregnant with Madelyn because Annaliese herself was still a baby. What a beautiful memory shared between us.

Also for the last week I have begun to feel the baby move. It feels like little flutters happening inside my belly. I absolutely love and cherish these little movements. I cannot wait for the moment where Josh can feel the baby. Nothing sweeter than feeling the baby move, well until later in the pregnancy when the baby starts jabbing in the ribs!

_MG_3076 (2)

Here are a few little details of this amazing adventure!

Weight Gain: I have gained five pounds so far. Not too shabby even though I swear I feel like I have gained more.

Maternity clothes: The only thing I have been wearing that is maternity is my pair of capris. But I think I am getting to the point where I shopping trip needs to occur!

Cravings: Yes I have cravings. Pizza and tacos are a must to have close by.

Sleep: I am struggling with the sleep. I already use a body pillow and wish my husband would move out to the couch to give me the whole bed!

Overall feeling: Overall I feel pretty decent. I am still really tired and have not seen much of an increase of energy. My back also has been hurting quite a bit but my husband has tried to give his best attempt to back rubs.

In two weeks we will have the ultrasound to see if we are having a baby boy or baby girl! Cannot wait!!!