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Happy Monday Friends

It has been quite a while since I wrote one of these posts! I had all intentions to write every two weeks a little recap of life and then give a nice list of things I’m loving! But you know how life gets in the way! We are in full summer mode around here except for the camping 🙁 my husband hurt himself making it hard for him to move around but I think we will get a couple trips in in August! My oldest finished up baseball season and loved every minute of it. My sweet Madelyn will be turning 6 in a week so we have been in full party planning mode. Finnegan is just a happy baby all the time and yesterday we just started him on a little bit of food! Now that I did a lightning fast recap of my life, here is a list of things I am loving!

1. These shirts are my go to and I should have bought about 50 of them! So comfy and does not cling to my body (I just hate that)

2. I have been really trying to get rid of toxic cleaners and goodness I love everything that Mrs. Meyers makes! This cleaner has been my #1 favorite!

3. Just bought this sign for my kitchen and goodness I’m in love!

4. I wrote a post a bit ago about the best teethers for baby but I have to reiterate how great this teether is. It has been the such a great item for Finnegan to play and chew on!

5. I love coming across people on Instagram that inspire me to be a better mother and teacher and gives me hope that I can lead a more simpler life. Kristin from @thequietwayhome does all of this!

I hope this week is filled with so much joy and happiness for each and every one of you!!