Back to School Snack Station

Can you believe it? Back to school ads and commercials are happening already! I get it. Kids and parents all like to get mentally prepared to take on the new school year! Getting prepared early enough allows for an easy transition from summertime to school time!

Back to school means something a little different to us. Many know that we are a homeschooling family (something I will focus more on this year on the blog). So we have a bit of a nontraditional schedule. However the girls still get excited about back to school. We get them geared up with new clothes, new school supplies, and set up a new routine for the school year.

One thing I implement in our routine is snack time/play time. This allows for us to take a little mental break and for me to take care of the baby’s needs. We get to eat and run around exploring or playing with our favorite things. Not sure if it gets much better than that!  In order for this time to run smoothly I created a snack station for the girls.

Creating the perfect snack station. This is such a simple thing to pull together and it seriously saves me a headache. The girls can quickly grab a snack of their choice so that we have more time to talk, play, dance, or interact with baby brother.

  • Location. Find a small space on a counter, table, or cupboard to place a little go to area for your kids to grab a snack.
  • Basket. I absolutely love using baskets for everything. I have them all over the kitchen to hold anything and everything. It is perfect to hold all the snacks needed for the girls.
  • Snacks. Well obviously this is the most important part of the station! I love filling their basket with snacks they absolutely love.
    • Fruit. Is a must!
    • Granola bars.
    • Peanut butter crackers.
    • Fruit snacks.
    • Popcorn.
    • And of course Goldfish® crackers! I am loving the snack packs! So easy to put right in the snacking station.


This is seriously a life saver for me! The girls love having the options and I know they are getting something that they love to fill up their bellies. They also love to sit and choose their own.  I have to refill the fruit and Goldfish® though on a regular. This creates an ease about our day and truly does save time so that we can enjoy the more precious moments of our day!

If you are looking for more inspiration in all the great ways Goldfish® can help you be sure to check out heir Pinterest page and YouTube channel!