Creating the Perfect Save the Date Card

I love weddings! I love being in them, love going to them, heck I love just hearing about them. So when my sister Erin announced her engagement late last year I began creating and planning everything out. From the decorations to the dress and even down to the save the date card, I was ready to jump into my roll as matron of honor.

I want to make this a night she will never forget. I actually want to make the whole experience a time where she will never forget. Love hasn’t always been easy for her and a few years ago she had her heart severely broken. She truly believed she would never bounce back. She believed that her one chance had just exploded into a million pieces. As I comforted her and reassured her it would all be okay, I would silently pray for God to bring her her great love. To bring such a powerful force into her life that there was no denying that he was the one. To heal her wounds and give her the faith needed to open up her heart again.

It happened and it happened rather fast. Nicholas entered quickly and swiftly. He mended her broken heart and healed her wounds. He showed her it was possible to love again. It was possible to fall madly and deeply in love. This. This is true love. This is undeniable. Last October with a family heirloom in his hand, he asked Erin to marry him.

Immediately we got to work in planning. Visions of ivory dresses, purple flowers, and wood accents danced in our heads.  We had a vision and we are so excited to watch it all play out. First thing first, save the date cards. My sister so kindly asked for me to take engagement photos for their save the date cards. I was so excited to be able to take part in this special day. My husband’s grandparents have beautiful property in Michigan and it was just the location Erin and Nicholas were looking for. We headed there on a Sunday afternoon and had the best time creating beautiful moments and priceless memories.

save the date

save the date

With the day completed it was time to decide what picture would be best for save the date cards. This was no easy task but narrowed it down to a couple to try. We used Basic Invite to find the perfect save the date cards for my sister.  Basic Invite consists of a small and passionate team that is dedicated in making sure everyone finds a perfect card for any occasion. Some of the great features at Basic Invite include over 180 different color options, custom samples, peel and seal envelopes, free address collection service, and free wedding websites. Every feature available to you on their website allows for you to create the perfect save the date card.

When my sister and I started creating her save the dates, we ended up creating five. Five absolutely beautiful cards to pick from. I love that about a website. Having options is a must! I really liked the feature of seeing it all come together in an instant, so we could truly see what the card would look like. After deliberating back and forth we picked the one we absolutely loved. It perfectly displays the simplicity and elegance that my sister Erin and Nicholas are going for for their wedding.


Whether you are looking for save the date cards, wedding invitations, or birthday invitations, Basic Invite has every special occasion and holiday covered.

Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. As always the content and opinions expressed here are my own.