Co-Sleeping to Crib | Our Transition Story

I know I am always talking about how time flies and can be a bit of a broken record, but my word, stop this madness. Finnegan just turned 18 months and I realized I never shared our story of transitioning from co-sleeping to crib. In my post about the #1 baby product every mom should have, I talk about how I never thought of co-sleeping until I had my third child. I thought it was crazy and absurd. But 13 months of co-sleeping changed my life. I would probably still be doing it if it wasn’t for my husband 🤣 little known fact that I’m a little embarrassed to share, my husband did not sleep in the bed for that whole year. Yup we spent a year apart. It was just too difficult to share a queen sized bed with a baby and two adults. Just not ideal for us. So Finnegan beat out his own dad when it came to the bed.

But after Finnegan turned one I knew it would be time to transition him to his crib. I was scared, nervous, and dreaded the thought of walking twenty steps to get him from his room. I didn’t want to hear him cry and was not cut out for the methods I previously used. So I wanted to make sure the process of transitioning was smooth and peaceful for the both of us. It is never an easy task to transition but here are a few tips I used and an amazing product that helped with the process.


Transitioning from Co-Sleeping to Crib

1. Try and try again.
First night with Finnegan was a difficult night. He was not feeling it and neither was I. I ended up pulling him from his crib and letting him sleep in my bed. Contrary to what some may believe, this did not cause detrimental damage to the process of transitioning or to his mental state. This is completely normal! If this happens do not panic. Do not feel like a failure. It may take more than one try. Regroup and try again!

2. Build a bedtime routine.
This I find to be extremely important with any child. Build a routine that fits your life. Give baby a bath, read a book, cuddle, sing songs. By having a consistent routine your baby will know exactly what to expect and know that bedtime is coming.

3. Purchase a DockaTot.
It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the DockaTot. It has been the best item we have had with Finnegan. There are two sizes, the deluxe and the grand (which can be used up to 36 months). This item has been instrumental in our transition. The DockaTot allows for him to feel safe and comforted without being so close to me. He not only uses it during sleep but loves to lounge in it wherever he goes.


4. Play music to help the transition.
I use the same sound machine in his room that I did when we were co-sleeping. It is so important to remember that going to sleep is often about association. So since Finnegan heard the music while co-sleeping and felt safe, he also feels safe in his crib.

5. Use Lavender Oil.
I am a big believer of the power of essential oils. Lavender is proven to help babies sleep through the night. I currently have a roller with lavender oil that I use on his feet. And of course this is part of our bedtime routine!

6. Ask for help.
Do not ever worry about asking for help from your spouse, partner, or even family member. There have been many times where my husband has rocked or ran through the bedtime routine for me. Transitioning from co-sleeping to crib can be tough so a bit of help can go a long way!

7. Respond quickly.
If your baby cries, go to them. Remember that they are used to being right next to you. Finnegan was next to me for 13 months. He felt my warmth and my breathing. This transition is equally difficult for them. So when they cry let them know you are there.

Good luck! I hope these tips will help in yours and your baby’s transition from co-sleeping to crib!