Planning a Peppa Pig Party

Peppa pig is huge right now in our house. So what better way to celebrate Madelyn turning five then with peppa pig!

One thing I found easy to do is to use what we already had as decorations. Peppa’s house, camper, figurines, stuffed animals, anything you have to match the theme, I say use, use, use! These toys instantly made decorating easy and festive for the party.

One easy and fun craft to do is to make pig noses out of egg cartons. Simply paint them pink, use a marker to make nostrils, and add some elastic and you have a fun item for your guests to put on!


My husband so graciously helped me in making a backdrop for the gift table. My vision was to make the peppa pig house on top of the hill. I absolutely think he did a great job and it was just what I wanted.


My friend and my sister helped make the perfect muddy puddle cake for the peppa fan!



I find it so fun to plan and craft my way through a party. It is time consuming and sometimes a little overwhelming but it brings me so much joy to create a day that my precious Madelyn would enjoy. She was absolutely thrilled with everything and even said she wanted a peppa pig party next year.