Why I have been absent

I have been absent for quite some time now. I have not had the energy to write and keep up with all that is blogging. Fortunately I have had a good reason for the absence.

We are expecting our third child January 27, 2017! It was a long journey of trying and in all honesty I did not think another child was going to happen. This is truly a blessing. We are so overjoyed and cannot wait to welcome this little one into our blissfully insane world.

Days after I found out I was pregnant, I was hit with the oh so wonderful “morning sickness”. I have to say that it is the silliest name for the sickness. I was sick from the moment I got out of bed in the morning to the moment I went to bed at night. It was six long weeks of all day sickness. I tried every remedy under the sun. It was so severe that I resorted to medication in order to try to get some relief. That did not even work. I could not have gotten through those six weeks without my husband. He was so gracious with picking up the slack with household chores and cooking (I swear the kitchen was my nemesis). I am so happy to say I have reached the second trimester and no longer have any sickness!

I cannot wait to chronicle this wonderful journey of pregnancy and meet this beautiful baby!


I thought it would be fun to ask the girls a couple questions about the baby!

How do you feel about having a baby in the house?

Annaliese: I feel great cause babies make me happy. I feel kinda scared because we can not play with the baby right away.
Madelyn: Good because I am going to like the baby.

Do you want a brother or a sister?

Annaliese: Sister and brother. (hmmm not sure about that one)
Madelyn: Brother

Are you going to help with the baby?

Annaliese: Yes. I will help with buying toys for the baby and help babysitting with dad.
Madelyn: Yes. I will help change the baby’s diaper, feed the bottle (She will so disappointed when I let her know I’m breastfeeding), give the baby a bath. All by myself.

What is one thing you are not looking forward to?

Annaliese: The baby has to nap for a long time.
Madelyn: When the baby spits up.

What are some names you like for the baby?

Annaliese: Rosy, Robby, Lovey.
Madelyn: Elsa, Anna, Richard Rabbit.