Week 34-Bump Update

What the what??? I am 34 weeks and totally feeling it. It is so crazy to think in just a few weeks this baby boy will be here. Am I ready? Absolutely not. We are still getting things together and preparing the house for baby. I am still preparing my mind that we will have a boy in this house. But I know these last few weeks we will get everything in order…I think. So what has been happening the last six weeks?

I had the most lovely baby shower hosted by my mom and mother in law. It was such a beautiful day celebrating this life growing inside me. I am so thankful for all those that showed up and gifted so many beautiful things to us. He is so incredibly loved!


I failed the miserable three hour glucose test and cried about it. Gestational diabetes is not a fun thing to experience. I will admit majority of the time I eat really healthy but then once I am told I cannot eat something I feel like I have lost control. I guess the whole pizzas to myself or the five tacos in one sitting all need to be put on the back burner until after the baby is born. Oh and the sweets. This is definitely not the time to not be able to pig out on sweets. I am missing out on all the pies and the cookies. It is a sad, sad time. But whatever makes this pregnancy a smooth one, I will do!

I did however get the good news of not having placenta previa! I was so absolutely worried about this but the placenta has moved out of the way! I did a happy dance at my last appointment when I heard this news!

This baby boy is going to be much bigger then the girls were. This past week he was measuring in at a whopping 5 pounds and 15 ounces. I gasped when she told me how big he is. Then I freaked out that I have the worlds largest baby (I know, I know I am getting ahead of myself).

Here are some details about this amazing experience!

Weight gain: I have gained 23 pounds so far! Compared to the girls that is a whole lot less. I think with both girls I gained close to 50 pounds. So I will take that as a win.

Cravings: I am craving everything that I can now not eat. I would love to dive into a carton of ice cream or eat the biggest plate of spaghetti. But I will just dream that my stalk of celery is a cookie and move on with my life.

Sleep: Sleep will never exist ever, ever again. It is horrible and I cannot find a spot that I am comfortable in. I toss and turn all night long. This is no fun. Every time I move it feels as though I am ripping all of the muscles in my body. I have convinced Josh to move out of the bed on the weekends just so I have room to put pillows on both of my sides.

Overall feeling: I am definitely beginning to feel anxious for him to be here. I am ready to hold him, see his face, and love on him. I am also feeling anxious about the feedings. I am not ready to wake up every two hours to feed. I think I am most worried about being able to function during the day. This is when I wish the girls napped. Then to continue their homeschooling. Ahhh…. I know I will get a routine but it is still scary to think about.

Only six more weeks (which I probably only make it four more weeks based on my past pregnancies)! It is going to be an amazing 2017!