PetitMail review

I met Alison, owner of PetitMail,  a few months back on Instagram. She was looking for preschool aged children to join a pen pal experiment. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity for Madelyn to connect with another child the old fashion way! Not often do my children receive mail so this was a real treat for Madelyn.

When Madelyn received her mail she instantly became ecstatic. She received the Olivia’s pen pal story card with a paper to fill out to her new pen pal. She also received information about her pen pal NJ. She was so happy to know that her pen pal loved Paw Patrol! It was a fun process to do with Madelyn. It was also a great bonding moment between us. It gave us the opportunity to talk about what she wanted to tell her pen pal, what stickers and drawings to do, and what picture to use (Madelyn chose a picture of her and her sister because she wanted Anna to be included).

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So what is PetitMail? PetitMail is story card subscriptions that encourage creativity and family bonding. A few examples of cards are Olivia’s Science Project, Oliver Goes Camping, and Olivia Builds a Boat. Each month your child will receive one of these cards and each card has the possibility to create a full month of fun.


These story cards are perfect! They are durable, colorful, and the illustrations are amazing!

As a mom I am always looking for special activities to do with each one of my children. It is so important to have quality time with each one and build on our own relationship as mother and daughter. This story card gave us this opportunity. I found it nice that certain words were different colors so that it highlighted the main points of the card. I loved how interactive the cards were and how they sparked different ideas in Madelyn’s head. She wanted to read books about pen pals, had questions about pen pals, and wanted to know how the mail system worked. I would recommend these cards to anyone wanting to explore with their children and create wonderful memories!

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(I received this product at no cost of my own, all opinions are my own)