Homeschooling with Cubby Case

As a homeschooling mama I am also looking for great tools to use to teach my girls. Sometimes I find it best to stray away a bit from the books and get some great hands on learning. This opens up the great possibility of using all senses and I believe making the information stick a little better.

A while back I came across Cubby Case on Instagram and knew that I needed to get my hands on one of these cases. The directors of curriculum design are both Harvard graduates that believe in finding the best products for teaching and learning. These cases are carefully put together and begins with the curriculum team examining various curriculum standards for children aged 5-9 years old. Then the team identifies learning outcomes essential for children’s educational development. Each product that is selected comes with a curriculum card that furthers the learning experience.

With every subscription box, the girls were overly excited about opening it to see what was inside. There were a lot of “oh look at this” and  “ah lets do this first”. After calming them down I got them to pick one item each day to try. The box came with five different products that covers a wide range of learning-

  • Chibitronics LED science project
  • InRoad PlayTape
  • K’nex Helicopter
  • Pieces of Another World Book
  • The Original Spirograph


Today I am going to show just two of the products that came in the box.

First up was the play tape. The play tape came with the curriculum card titled urban planner. Let me explain quickly about the cards that come with each product. Each card has two sides. One side is labeled activity and the other side is labeled learning. The activity side of the card allows for the child to get actively involved with the product while still learning. I like to believe that there is unconscious learning happening here. The girls are so intrigued with playing that when we begin to start a discussion it seems that it comes easier to them in understanding the concept that is being discussed. The learning side of the card allows for discussion and examination of the overall theme that goes along with the product. So for example with the play tape, the card is discussing interesting facts about roads and gives questions so that the girls could further their learning about the subject.


They had such a blast talking about roads and mapping out what their road design would look like. We also were able to go out that day it examine a number of different roads and explain what we were seeing. It was such a great learning tool to let them explore and look at their world for the answers.




The next one we did was the K’nex helicopter. This being somewhat like legos, I knew my oldest would want to do it immediately. The card that came with this was mechanical engineer. So along with the K’nex, the girls were able to observe, create, reflect, and innovate. This got them not to just play with the toy but to examine what they were doing and to even think outside the box with creating something else with the K’nex. We talked about how in order to build there first needs to be plans and designs made. Then taking the designs and instructions, we are able to create and build to get the finished product.



I cannot believe how fun this cubby case was! It had so many possibilities and the girls continue to play with each of the products inside the box. This was a great tool for us for our homeschooling adventure but the Cubby Case would be an excellent gift for any child looking to expand their imagination. Please be sure to check out their website and give them a follow on Instagram!


This Cubby Case was provided to me in exchange for a blog post. All opinions are my own. I would never recommend a product that I absolutely do not enjoy!