A Fun Activity To Do With Your Kids

It is the middle of February and we have been stuck inside for what seems like ten years. We have rummaged through our craft bin, spent hours creating pinterest DIYs, and painted until we can no longer feel our fingertips. Just as I thought we could not find anything more to do, this fun activity involving our favorite snack, Goldfish, came about!

goldfish fun activity

This fun activity was a first for us! I have seen others on social media do these super cool videos but honestly I did not even know what the videos were called. These types of videos are called a stop-motion video which is an animation technique that makes an object appear to move on its own. I was a little worried that it would be too difficult but it was not at all! The girls had a fun time slowly moving the Goldfish crackers in the right places and then watch the magic happen via technology!

Creating a Stop-Motion Video


Goldfish crackers

Computer, tablet, or phone

Craft supplies (paper, pom-poms, glitter, paint) (Optional)



  1. Brainstorm about what your Goldfish tale will be!
  2. Collect your materials you will need.
  3. Set up your computer/phone so that it is an a stationary position.
  4. Create!

The best part about this fun activity is that your creativity and imagination gets to shine through. Oh and maybe getting to eat the Goldfish is too. The girls wanted to incorporate what they have been learning in the past week of school. Even though winter is still upon us, we wanted to get a jump start on our spring learning. We began learning about the water cycle and how flowers grow. So they girls took what they new and began thinking of a great video that we could do! I always enjoy activities that continue to test their knowledge but are still fun enough to keep their attention.

goldfish fun activity

goldfish fun activity

Creating these moments are always what matters most in this family. We were able to take something that we have been learning about and create a video that is completely smile worthy! It was such a fun experience that we are already brainstorming what our next Goldfish tale will be!

It was such a blast using our favorite snack to create a stop-motion video that we will never forget. Want to see more fun stop-motion videos? Need a little more detail in how you and your family can create one of your own? Head over to the Goldfish website to find inspiration and create your first Goldfish tale!