Father’s Day

Last year I wrote the most meaningful and heartfelt post about my husband. It is one of my most favorites and I honestly cannot top the things I wrote about him. He is still my everything and I still thank God every day for the man and father he is to our children. In case you missed that post or want to reread how absolutely awesome he is, click here!!

Since I can’t top that post, I thought this year it would be fun for the girls to answer some questions about their dad for father’s day! Just a fun little way to see what they know or what they think they know about their dad!


How old is your dad?

Madelyn: 61

Annaliese: 36 (she got this one right)

How tall is he?

Madelyn: this tall (she then stretched out her arms real wide to show me)

Annaliese: 16 feet

What is your dad’s favorite thing to do?

Madelyn: Go for bike rides

Annaliese: Play with us

What is your dad’s favorite sport?

Madelyn: Football

Annaliese: Basketball

What is your dad’s favorite food?

Madelyn: Chicken and salad

Annaliese: Chicken

What is dad’s favorite show?

Madelyn: Duck Dynasty

Annaliese: Duck Dynasty

What is your dad really good at?

Madelyn: Helping people

Annaliese: Working

What makes dad happy?

Madelyn: That we make him pictures

Annaliese: When we clean our rooms

How does dad make you laugh?

Madelyn: He says funny knock knock jokes

Annaliese: He tickles me

What makes dad sad?

Madelyn: When we don’t hug him.

Annaliese: Nothing. He is never sad.

What does dad do for work?

Madelyn: He works with wood.

Annaliese: Building cabinets and stuff

What is your favorite thing to do with your dad?

Madelyn: Making cards and coloring

Annaliese: Go outside and ride my bike

I know my dad loves me because

Madelyn: he loves me sixty five one hundred sixty one

Annaliese: I love him

I love it when my dad

Madelyn: Jumps on the trampoline and sings me songs

Annaliese: works and makes money.

The one thing I hear my dad say a lot is

Madelyn: I love you

Annaliese: bad words (I asked her what words and she said hate and stupid)

Happy Father’s Day babe. Love you so incredibly much and thank you for being the most wonderful father to our beautiful children!