Shop Small [Lucky Lotus]

Those that know me, know that this past year was our first year of homeschooling. It was a scary decision but turns out the most rewarding decision that we have ever made. So it is always nice to find shops that promote homeschooling and the Lucky Lotus is one of those shops! I am absolutely loving this shop and you will too!!!

I met Sam from the Lucky Lotus on instagram a few month ago. The first thing that caught my eye was her “iced, iced, coffee” tee. Anything to do with coffee and I am a happy person. But once I began trolling her website, I laid eyes on the homeschoolin’ mama tote. I was so excited to receive this tote. I am so proud of our accomplishment as a family, that I wanted something that would show off just that. This tote is perfect for everything. It is perfect for a day at the beach. Or on a family day trip to the park. Or to trip to the store. Whatever you need to do, this tote is the perfect companion.



I had the pleasure to interview the wonderful woman behind the shop, Sam, to get a glimpse of what drives her in maintaining her own business.

Tell us a little about your shop, The Lucky Lotus.

The Lucky Lotus specializes in graphic tees & totebags with fun sayings and images reflecting the hilarious reality of #momlife, #dadlife, #toddlerlife,  and #babylife.  We celebrate the real life moments of little sleep, lots of coffee, and a whole bunch of kindness!

Is there a special story behind the name?

There is! Our family is a mix of Irish heritage (my side) and Indian heritage ( my husband’s). That translated to “Lucky”, as in luck of the Irish, and “Lotus”, a flower in India that is common throughout the culture. Even more so, when I thought of starting this store I knew I’d need some luck but that it ultimately was something I truly wanted to do. The lotus flower symbolizes seeds of great potential and new beginnings. The name fit perfectly! It reflects not only our family but my whole vision for the brand.

When creating your pieces, what is your inspiration?

I definitely draw from my own experiences with #momlife and parenting my 1.5 year old daughter, Karalyn. Kara is really embracing #toddlerlife and I’m embracing the journey (as is my husband) along with another cup of coffee! ????

Is starting your own business something you always wanted to do?

Actually no, not at all! When I was a kid I loved selling lemonade or trying to sell a drawing for a quarter. But as a college grad, I was ready for the corporate world. I enjoyed the work, but being a stay-at-home parent was my personal choice and goal. However, I found my desire to create growing more and more. I enjoy crafting and have tried my hand at many things, but wearable parent humor became a really fun outlet that I eventually decided to make myself!

What has been your favorite design so far?

This is hard! I have 2 right now!!! I really love the “good vibes & snack time” on kid’s tees and totes but I also can’t stop wearing my “Iced Iced Coffee” shirt (which is on a tote too). I looove me some iced coffee!

If you have experienced one obstacle, what was it and how did you overcome it?

Being a small shop in a sea of other talented small shops can make it hard to stand out. There are SO many talented mompreneurs out there! My store exists because I want to spread kindness and cultivate a community that others can relate to. Real life, with NO phony bologna. So, while my shop may be small, it is honest and real. Rather than compete against one another, I’ve found it’s much more productive (and fun!) to work together, encourage one another, and support other amazing stores. I love the hashtag #womensupportingwomen!

What are your hopes and dreams for your business?

Motherhood (and fatherhood) can be a lonely island. While it is an amazing journey, it is also SO. HARD. People tend to focus on the “life highlights” on social media, when what we really should be doing more of is using it to connect and support each other. I hope that turning popular parenting experiences and hashtags into fun clothing will start a conversation. Maybe you see someone in a #momlife tee holding a screaming toddler at a target checkout. I want my clothing to be an ice-breaker to share about our own experiences in parenthood. And just maybe, instead of sharing the perfect instagram photo all the time, showing the real life moments too. Messy, loud, overflowing with love…parenthood.


This tote will be used time and time again for our family outings. But do not forget, totes are not the only item at the Lucky Lotus!!! Sam offers so many different options for the whole family! Be sure to check out her shop!

You can also find the Lucky Lotus on instagram!