Breastfeeding Essentials

Around here we are going on our tenth month of breastfeeding. I am actually quite surprised that we have lasted this long. It has been a miserable journey of mastitis, clogged ducts, poor latch, and cracked nipples. There have been many times where I have wanted to give up and turn to formula for Finnegan. But the good/great experiences of breastfeeding have outweighed the bad, so I keep on going.

As a third time mom I have found what works for me and I wanted to share with you my picks for breastfeeding essentials! Things that I can not live without.

Water– with my first I do not know how many times I started to breastfeed and realized how thirsty I was. And of course I had no water near me. So I would spend the next 45 minutes (yup Anna was a long eater) obsessing about water. It was like a was in the desert. Now I make sure my water cup is filled and sitting next to where I will be feeding Finn.

book/magazine– this is the only time I get right now to read. 15 minutes to dive into a good book or one of the many magazines piling up.

Nursing pillow– It is so amazing how much better you feel when you are properly supported while nursing! I love my Boppy pillow so much that often times long after I’m done nursing realize it is still wrapped around my waist.

Reusable nursing pads– I had no idea reusable ones even existed until this pregnancy. I have to admit I love these so much better than disposable ones. So easy to use and then throw in the washer.

NursElet– how many times have you started to breastfeed and your shirt keeps falling down? Such an annoying thing especially when the shirt drops down over the boob and your impatient baby will begin to freak out. I love to use my NursElet so that there is one last distraction during breastfeeding. The NursElet is a wearable bracelet that you can easily take off and strap around your shirt when it comes time to nurse.

Nursing bra– this I think is a given but wanted to throw in my favorite bra to use to nurse.

Sunflower lecithin– if you are someone that has suffered from clogged ducts, run out and buy this supplement! The week before I started this I suffered three clogged ducts! I was looking for anything and everything to help me and many of my friends suggested this. Since I have taken these I have had no clogged ducts! I hands down would recommend this to anyone!!

Oil blend- A blend of melaleuca oil and lavender oil have been super helpful in preventing mastitis. My cousin sent me this blend during my cry for help and I have used it ever since. I dilute 2-3 drops in a teaspoon of coconut oil and use every single day.

teething necklace– This has been a great new edition to my arsenal of breastfeeding essentials. With Finnegan more active and throwing his arms in the air, I have found that having a necklace for him to play with prevents him from pulling my hair or grabbing at my face. All very unpleasant things to deal with.

*Thank you to NursElet for the product to review* *Contains affiliate links*