Becoming a Minimalist in a Materialist World

I like things. I have always surrounded myself with tons of clothing, shoes, books, knick knacks, even furniture. I would always find a purpose or place even if I didn’t need it. My sister has teased me in the past of being a hoarder. When it’s a good deal I have to pick it up. No matter if I need it or not. But lately I have been looking around and wondering why? Why am I buying all these things that have no purpose?

In this world we are bombarded by the idea of having a surplus. Why only have one when you can have two? Buy this now before the price raises. You need this and you need that. Every where we turn we are pressured to have the next best thing. Just when you get around to buying the latest trend, it has become out dated and not cool. Society places so much pressure on you to conform to the idea that the more materialistic you are the happier you will be. But honestly does having more really matter? Filling your home with wall to wall things, will that satisfy you life? I have been meditating on this for quite some time now. The need of wanting it all began to overpower my thinking and my overall sense of being. I am beginning to realize that life is not measured by these things. These things do not hold all meaning to my existence.

So what has meaning? For me it is the treasured moments I get to spend listening to my girls read. The early morning babbles of Finnegan. The late night cuddles on the couch with my husband. All these things and so much more have purpose. These things are able to fill my heart and soul instead of my bookcases and closets.

Now I am not saying that I am getting rid of everything I own. I love to hang family pictures and art projects my children make. I love books and I have a thing for Rae Dunn pottery. But I am beginning the process of downsizing and removing objects from my life in order to gain more memories. Genuine, heartfelt moments spent with my family and friends. These are the things that will get me through life. These are the things that will bring joy and happiness into my soul.

Minimalism is more of a mindset. Realizing that the saying “less is more” is completely accurate. It is about living in the moment, reclaiming your time, and ridding yourself of excess things. This road is long. It is freeing but at the same time difficult for my mind to let go. Stuff it is all just stuff I keep telling myself. “I have not worn that in two years.” “Why oh why do I still own it?” “This is completely not my style and is ugly.” Each one of these thoughts run through my head and makes it easier for me to put these items in the give away pile.I am eager to not only get rid of things throughout the house but also things mentally. Decluttering my brain will be an even longer journey I am sure! But as I continue to move through this transition to simplify my life I will continue to share my story and what I have found to be helpful for me. So I hope you continue on this path with me to see how minimalism is bringing so much more into my life.

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