Books on My Nightstand

I have been quite unsuccessful with reading this year. I had so much hope at the beginning of the new year and now here it is, March, and I have not finished a single book. It is sad and pathetic. I have many books on my nightstand, but no time to read them. Wait. Hold on a second. I cannot use the “I don’t have time” excuse. Cause I do. If I can watch hours of the Bachelor or have a binge weekend of Party of Five, I have time to read.

As of late I have been reading more than one book at a time. Call me Rory from Gilmore Girls, cause I need a book that fits my mood. I may have gone a little crazy and started one too many books but I swear I had so much motivation at the beginning of the year. But anyway, I thought it would be fun to share what books are currently on my nightstand. I hope to continue this little series throughout the year so that I can stay a little accountable and also bring you great books to check out!

Books on my nightstand


Books on My Nightstand:

The Magic of Motherhood

Here is a book that has sat on my night stand for way too long. This book beautifully depicts motherhood in written essays about the good, the bad, and everything in between. I love reading other mother’s experiences and love it even more when it is one that I have had.

Pressing Pause

This book is perfect to start my mornings off with. This book includes 100 devotions to help center my heart and mind on what God has for me. It gives me a little calm before the chaos begins.

Pride and Prejudice

I really hate to admit this but I have never read this book. I have always loved the classics and especially the appeal of Jane Austen but I have not read most of her books. I have had this one sitting on my shelf for quite some time and when I want to read a little romance it is the perfect go to.

Clutterfree with Kids

It is kind of sad that I have not finished this one yet, but I am reading it slowly so that I can really soak in all the information. This book is a great read for easing into the minimalist lifestyle. I have talked about my beginning journey here, and hope to give an update soon on my progress.


This book is absolutely gut-wrenching. I am sure many of you have heard the story line of this book or maybe even watched the movie. But I am telling you, read the book. The writing, the characters, the emotional roller coaster that it puts you on. The book explores the relationship between mother and son all while they are held captive in a shed that they call Room.

I am hoping to have most of these books finished in the next couple weeks. I hope to be successful moving forward on reading more and enriching my mind with great books. I thought I would end this post with one one my favorite quotes:

“Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures that anyone can have.”