A love story

November 19, 2014
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Let me tell you a love story…

Boy walks into a sporting goods store. Boy sees girl. Boy is too shy to say anything to girl. Boy continues to crush on girl. Boy asks friend about girl. Friend comes in asks girl out for boy. Girl says yes. Girl hops in a truck with three strangers. Girl falls in love. Boy does not call for two weeks. Girl is devastated. Girl thinks she was totally wrong with thinking he was the one. Boy finally calls girl. Girl is over the moon. Boy and girl date. Girl and boy fall in love. Girl and boy get married.

Nine years ago I was that girl. I was maybe a little crazy for getting into a car with people I didn’t know…but it worked out. I knew the moment I met Josh, that he was the one. I know, I know, love at first sight??? Some believe in it, some do not. Well it happened. The moment I stepped into the truck I knew he was someone special. Maybe it was the frosted tipped hair or the work boots that he wore. Or maybe it was the obvious shyness that he displayed. Whatever it was I was hooked. That night I went home knowing I found the one that I was going to marry. Then time went by. No phone call. No stop by the store. Nothing. I was in a panic. I called his phone. Left a message. Nothing. I was completely devastated. Wondering what I did wrong. Then one day my phone rang. It had been the longest two weeks of my life. I must admit to this day I do not let him live that down! When he called my whole life changed. It is always difficult to explain in words the feelings that happen when you are experiencing the rest of your life. Right in those moments you know that moments with this other person will continue forever. I never felt it before. Never felt the love so strong that I needed to be by his side. I needed to feel his touch. I needed his heart.

Our courtship was fast. It took only three months for him to propose. It was one of the best days of my life. Our engagement was just as fast. I had five short months to plan the biggest day of my life. The day quickly arrived. November 19th 2005. This was the day I married my best friend. The day we stood in front of our families and declared our love for one another and promised to be always and forever.

These nine years have taught me so much. I have learned to let go. I have learned to appreciate what I have. I have learned to love. I have learned to communicate. I have learned that the love that we have for each other will get us through anything. Each and everything that I have learned I continue to learn. It is a beautiful concept. The ability to think you have it all figured out and then realize you are back to the beginning. Marriage is something that needs to be fought for. Marriage is delicate. It needs nurturing and care. I falter at times. I lose focus. I lose my nerve. But one thing I never lose is my fight. I will fight each and every day for the love that Josh and I have. He is my everything. He is my always and forever.

Happy Anniversary to an amazing man, husband, and father.