Stuffed Animal Collection

Oh how I loathe thee…

Stuffed animal collection.

Oh yes they are quite cute and cuddly until you realize you have enough for 1000 children.


There is a moment where I think to myself, how did we get so many? I can not even remember the last time I bought a stuffed animal. I truly think many people despise stuffed animals too. I mean everywhere we go, people want to give them to the girls. Oh you have two little girls, here take a stuffed animal. No. I don’t want your stuffed animals. They sit here in my house collecting dust. They are over sized germ collectors that are near impossible to wash.


I try to slowly wean them out so the girls will not notice. Umm that never works. It seems as though they have a special stuffed animal detector that goes off even when I glance over to the mountain sized collection. They love them all. The ones that are given to them now are their most precious belongings. They hold so tightly around them that the stuffed animals become who the girls are. Mr. Bunny buns, minimus, and their Mandy’s are always close to where they are. So for now they will win this battle and mom will continue to plot and plan and despise these little creatures infiltrating our home.