A few weeks ago I answered an instagram post about sharing my testimony in how God works in my life. I am not one to openly discuss my religious beliefs and what God does for me. I am not quite sure on why the hesitation is there but never the less it is. However that day I felt the need to share just a little piece of me and my relationship with God. Last week it was shared on my new friend Brittany’s blog. It was a big moment for me. To see what I had written on another person’s blog. The opportunity of my words to speak to another individual and possibly uplift them in a way that I will never know.


If anyone did not catch it, the following is what I wrote.

God has always been a part of my life. There have been times that I have strayed from God but I never gave up on trying. I have always believed that he is the reason for all good things and if I prayed he would guide me onto the right path.

In these last couple years I have been determined to draw closer to God and raise my children with the understanding and knowledge that all comes from God. The greatest blessing God has given me is my two beautiful children.

With the gift of children comes the responsibility to teach them about God and his kingdom. It is my responsibility to instill love, kindness, hope, and faith in my children through the accurate knowledge of the Bible.

For example recently we read about God’s promises and how his promises are never broken. It went beautifully with the story about Noah and the promises that God gave to Noah. Not only did God give promises to Noah but promises to each and every one of us with the beautiful rainbow after the flood.

This is a wonderful study to teach my little ones to learn the importance of promises and to imitate God in his love and kindness. To be able to teach my children and see that they are retaining this knowledge is such an uplifting thing for me.

It has given me the motivation to dig deeper into my own study of the Bible so that I can guide them in their quest of a beautiful friendship with God. Psalms 86:10 says, “for you are great and do wondrous things; You are God, you alone.” I am seeing first hand how great God is and how he continues to bless me and my family in wanting to draw closer to Him.

If anyone is interested in hearing more women and their testimonies head over to Brittany’s blog at http://jandbashmore.blogspot.com/!!! Thank you again Brittany for the wonderful opportunity!