Six Months with Finnegan

And just like that…we have a six month old. Half a year this precious, sweet boy has graced us with his presence. I know as we parents always talk about time just flying by but my goodness, I swear it was just yesterday I was holding him for the first time. These six months have been such an awesome adventure!

Here are some fun facts about what is going on with our little Finnegan.

  • He rolled over. Twice. Woohoo!
  • He is still waking up one or two times a night. As much as I would love a full night of sleep I will take these extra moments with him.
  • He is loving sucking on his toes.
  • Sports calm him down. It can be on TV or on the radio. Either way if we turn any sport on (his favorite has been the Detroit Tigers) a calmness washes over him and he is at peace.
  • We are still exclusively breastfeeding but will start him on some cereal this month.
  • He says mama. He has been saying it for about a month now and it is the sweetest sound.
  • He loves his jumperoo. It has been so fun to see him interact with all the toys on there!
  • We have been co-sleeping and absolutely loving it!
  • He has been teething for a while but those teeth are being stubborn and will not come out!
  • He still hates tummy time.
  • He is the happiest baby!

It has been such a joy watching him grow and become more aware of his surroundings. We are so incredibly in love and cannot wait to see what he accomplishes in the next six months!

We love you Finnegan Raymond Lee!