My Children’s Father

There have been many individuals that have come into my life and have made a difference. Changed my perspective. Changed the way I lived. Changed my emotions. One individual that has changed my whole world is my husband. I knew the moment that I met him that he was the one. Within a month we were talking about our dreams and goals. Where we would live, what kind of marriage we would have, and how many children we would want. I could not wait for the moment to have children with him. I knew he would make an exceptional father and could not wait to see him in that role.



Something so absolutely beautiful occurs while watching my husband with our children. He loves our children unconditionally.He takes the time necessary to nurture their needs ensuring that they will be the best individuals in this world.  I never thought I could love a man so much more than I already do. He is the greatest gift I have ever received.

He creates a sense of security. His words and knowledge creates discussion. His creativity sets us all on a path of thinking outside the box. His ability to give and give without looking for something in return creates opportunity for all of us to learn and emulate that behavior. He has a kind heart. He is positive and uplifting. He works hard to make a wonderful life for his family.


The love that they have for each other radiates for all to see. It is nice to see the different bonds he has with each girl. Madelyn is definitely a daddy’s girl. Everything that she ever needs is always taken care of by my husband. Annaliese is more independent but they have these wonderful and sometimes intense conversations with each other. She always keeps him on his toes! But he would move buildings, mountains, or anything else that stood in the way of making the girls happy.

His compassion I strive for. His understanding I strive for. His ability to look at the brighter side of things I strive for. I am honored to be on this journey with him. There is no better person I would want to share my life with. Every day I celebrate this man, my husband, for being the best father my children could ever ask for.

josh and girls