Muddy Puddles

You know we all have done it when we were younger. The moment after a nice rain storm. As the clouds part and the sun begins to shine. The left over rain sparkling outside. The big puddles calling your name. Jump, splash, repeat.

IMG_6028Yesterday we had a wonderful storm pass through. It was about 20 minutes long and left puddles everywhere. There was a huge puddle left at the end of our driveway. The kiddos were begging to go outside. It was time. Time to jump in muddy puddles!!! (Madelyn’s and Peppa Pig’s favorite thing to do)


As they were playing and splashing around it reminded me that this is one moment that makes a happy childhood. Being carefree. Being able to get dirty. The opportunity to be children. The giggles. The smiles. The running around. The simple things bring such joy.

IMG_6030  IMG_6032  IMG_6034IMG_6031