Layering this Fall with Cuddl Duds

September 26, 2017

Here in Northern Michigan it quickly changes from summer to fall, bringing in colder temperatures and frosty air. The coolness of the season allows for me to wear what I love best and that is layers. Nothing better than curling up on the sofa, book in hand, fireplace going, and me wearing comfy and cozy layers. I will always choose comfort and casual clothing as a work at home mom. Cuddl Duds allows for this mama to have effortless style and feel confident in what I wear.

Cuddl Duds are super soft and stylish layers perfect for fall. They focus on a simple design creating pieces that are timeless and functional. They also use a number of different fabrics to accommodate different climates. I was able to choose three items for my fall wardrobe. The long sleeved shirt is from their soft knit collection. The material is super soft and lightweight and perfectly for the chilly nights. The leggings are from the soft wear with stretch collection and oh my goodness they are smooth like butter. I could live in these leggings. Finally the wrap is from the fleece wear with stretch collection. This is their warmest collection and I most definitely know I will be wearing this all fall and even into winter.

Being a work at home mom I love how versatile Cuddl Duds are. One thing I do everyday is get dressed. It somehow makes me feel like I am more productive. I have to admit though I hate to wear jeans. I mean they are so uncomfortable. But with Cuddl Duds I am able to get dressed and maintain comfort and style. I love having clothes that I can lounge around all day in but if needed I can easily jump in my car and take the kids to an impromptu field trip!

These items are a must have to get anyone through the fall season and to provide a wide array of layering opportunities! Be sure to head over to JCPenney to purchase your Cuddl Duds for fall!