Happy Mother’s Day

(Photo Courtesy of Misty from The Do It All Mama)

As I sit here reflecting on what it is like to be a mother, I cannot help but think of my own mother and what she has done for me. No amount of words can explain just how much she poured her heart and soul into giving me a beautiful childhood. Even now, she continues to give me a life full of love, laughter, and comfort.

When talking to my mom and reflecting on my childhood, she always questions if she did a good job. She wonders if she could have been there more or she wonders if she was a good enough mother. I am so completely honest when I say I had the best childhood. I was always clothed in love. I was always encouraged to try my best. I was always embraced with her kindness while, if necessary, also her sternness. She balanced everything beautifully in my eyes. She was a mother that I hoped to be. Even as an adult, I still relish in these things. I still am clothed in her love. I am still encouraged to do my best. I am still embraced by her kindness and her sternness. In my eyes she still balances everything so beautifully and she is still the mother I hope to be.


I have always been told that I look just like my mother. I am a spitting image of her. While it is such a compliment to be compared to my mother in that way, I hope the comparison does not stop there.

I want the qualities that my mom has. I want her kindness. I want her sense of humor. I want her willingness to help in any situation, whether good or bad. I want her confidence. I want her straight-forward thinking. I want her dedication. I want her ability to create a safe haven. I want her ability to create calmness with the sound of her voice. I want her unconditional love. I want her heart.

Every day I walk the journey of motherhood and hope that I display some of these qualities. I hope that my children will feel as I do when reflecting upon their years and what their mother has done for them.

Thank you mom. Thank you for being the most heartfelt, loving, dedicated, and honest mother. I love you so much and you truly are an inspiration.