Follow Friday

There are some people that I “meet” on instagram that become more than just a person to follow. They become my friend. I absolutely adore following and keeping in touch with Amanda from @stellar_co. She hand paints letters, plaques, and vinyls. She closely works with the customer to create a unique and one of a kind piece for their home. She takes her time with each piece to ensure that quality is the main focus and not quantity.

IMG_7301   IMG_7305

I asked my friend to write a little about her shop and what got her to start living out her passion.

“Stellar Co. was born in November 2014 after a fire sparked in me to use my creativity and my talents toward something I love.  I did the art thing through school and never found my comfort zone.  I always have been interested in calligraphy as well! I have always been very do-it-yourself and “I can make that” or redecorating my room and home constantly!  I am inspired by my little man, who will be a year and a half old this month.  His joy and energy is so contagious and sometimes I am bursting at the seams to share that energy with others and what better way to bring it all together than by decorating other’s lives with inspiring, humorous and motivational words.  I have a passion for this and put all of myself into every piece that I hand paint. And I am constantly surrounded by amazing and beautiful people who keep me inspired and push me to be my best self.  I am loving watching this hobby and love for art turn into a business.”

IMG_7303 IMG_7302Everything that she creates is worth checking out. So please head over to Instagram and follow @stellar_co!!!