Five Tips for Developing Baby’s Brain Development

This post is sponsored by Gerber®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Finnegan is quickly changing from the baby stage to the toddler stage. His independence is growing and he continues to learn more and more words. As much as I love the newborn stage, this stage is equally as enjoyable. Watching his mind work on creating connections and build on his learning is such an exciting time.

Here are five tips for developing baby’s brain development.

Read together– baby responds to voices. So hearing you read to them each day introduces them to a variety of syllables and sounds. Finnegan has a large library of books and we spend time each day pulling out a number of books to read. This will help in Finnegan’s brain to process stories and may predict reading success.

Sing together- singing songs and listening to music can have a great impact on brain development. Listening to songs can enhance their learning when it comes to sounds, rhythms, and language patterns. Music is a big part of our lives. We play a lot of classical as the girls do their school work, we have dance parties throughout the day, and at night we go through a number of songs to sing.

Good nutrition- having a good nutrition is vital for babies. A lack of nutrition can slow a baby’s brain development and in extreme cases lead to permanent damage. When your baby is ready for solid foods, it is a must to include fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in iron. Iron is so important for a baby’s brain development and learning abilities.  So feeding Gerber iron fortified cereals is a great way to give your baby just what he/she needs. Gerber cereals not only give your baby the iron that he/she needs but also zinc, calcium, vitamin C, E, and six B vitamins.

Brain development and food

Brain development and baby food

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Play games- games like patty cake or peek a boo are great in developing a baby’s brain development. Using baby’s hands helps in creating sequences and playing peak a boo makes a baby aware that things can disappear.

Talking- This may seem like a no brainer but talking to your baby will help them grow!! The interaction between you and baby or even baby and siblings encourages stimulation and brain development. I am constantly interacting with Finnegan about anything and everything that is happening in our path. He loves to babble and tell me all about what he sees. Plus watching him talk to his sisters is simply the best!

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