Currently Loving

currently loving

One thing I talked about in my yearly review post is how much I love to do these currently loving posts. I love sharing a little about how life is going and bringing you things I have found enjoyable like clothing, toys, recipes, and/or people. I truly want this post to be a weekly thing and will do my best to make that happen in this year!

This week has been a complete doozy. I believe cabin fever is setting in and we all are getting a little impatient with each other. School has been back in session with learning multiplication (for Anna) and subtraction (for Mads), continuing our little house in the big woods book, learning about Bach, working on our puzzle, and writing a poem. We still have a little trouble having a set schedule since Finnegan has his on agenda. Speaking on Finnegan, he is now sleeping in his own crib! Wow I did not think I could do it emotionally and will be writing a post soon about mine and his experience.

What does the weekend have in store for us? Well we have absolutely nothing planned! Sometimes those are the best weekends ever! It will be rather warm for Northern Michigan so I hope we can get out and enjoy the weather!

Here is what I am loving this week:

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This recipe I made last week and oh my goodness it was good. The whole family actually enjoyed it!

I just received my second week of this meal delivery service and it was absolutely delicious. The picture above is the shrimp scampi and oh my goodness was it good. Use the code dlvr639 to receive $20 off the 6 meal plan.

I bought this outfit for Finnegan and it is so incredibly soft and perfect for this single digit and even below zero temps we have been having the last few weeks.

I have started a new 365 project and thoroughly enjoy the prompts that are on this Instagram.

In our house during winter it is really dry so I cannot speak enough good things about this.

I hope this weekend is filled with so much joy and happiness for each and every one of you!!