Currently Loving

Happy Monday Friends

I love when a weekend leaves me feeling refreshed. It was such a beautiful spring weekend, that I really think we can say goodbye to winter. We managed to do a little cleaning outdoors and put the trampoline up. The girls were so excited and of course impatient about the process of getting it up. Finally it was up and the girls were jumping and giggling away forgetting about the wait that they just endured. On Sunday we spent the day at my parents. It is so nice to spend quality time with my mama and to get spoiled with her cooking. While we were there I got my lamp that my dad made me. I mean look at it. It is absolutely amazing! He is so talented and I love to see this new adventure he is on!

Overall it was a pleasant weekend and not jammed packed with lots of things to do. Sometimes those are the best weekends! So while I gotcha reading here is a new list of things I am currently loving!

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1. I just started reading this book and let me tell you…amazing! I suggest everyone read it before the movie comes out.
2. A week ago I bought some herb plants but needed to find the perfect way to display them in my small kitchen. This is the perfect way to have them handy for cooking.
3. I found a super easy, why haven’t I done this before, recipe for breakfast! Umm this is being made this week!
4. I love trying to find items that have multiple uses. Like this one is not only artwork but would also be great for homeschooling.
5. Kelly from OohBother is one of my favorite bloggers! Her writing is funny but also has the ability to touch your heart! Love the latest post and can relate so much as a mother.
6. These are probably my favorite dresses to get the girls for summer!

I hope this week is filled with so much joy and happiness for each and every one of you!!