Currently Loving

Happy Monday Friends!

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Michigan. The sun was shining, the temperatures were warmer, and we had a little taste of what our summer will be like; busy, very busy! Our whole weekend was packed full of things to accomplish and do!

On Sunday, our oldest Annaliese turned seven. I cannot believe how quickly these last 7 years have gone by. She is incredibly smart, witty, creative, kind, lovable, and full of sass. I am so proud to be her mother.

Annaliese wanted to go bowling this year. The amount of stress that was lifted from not having to throw a party. Glorious!! It was as simple as ordering some pizza, playing a few games, and making a quick cake. No hours upon hours of creating decorations, cleaning my home, and creating a pinterest inspired cake. I have to admit I love doing those things, well minus the cleaning, but sometimes it is just nice to plan something easy.

One bummer about this weekend, Finnegan has a cold. Having a three month old baby with a cold is devastating. I never experienced sickness with the girls until they were two years old so this has been incredibly heartbreaking. He for the most part is still a happy baby but he just looks miserable. So I am keeping a close eye on this and hope that he begins to feel better soon! So as I sit here planning out our week, here is a new list of what I am currently loving!

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Jessica from Kozy&Co made this super easy and super delicious Easter egg bark that I need to try this week with the girls!

I bought Annaliese this Barbie© and love how to promotes learning in subjects like science and engineering.

You ever find a t-shirt that you fall madly in love with and want to buy a whole closet full? This is that shirt for me!

Now I normally do not put something on my list that I could never ever buy. But as I was searching the inter-web I came across this Zac Posen dress and my goodness gracious it is absolutely beautiful. Oh if only I had millions of dollars that I could waste away!

I have become obsessed with everything that is galvanized. I bought this sign to add to my gallery wall!

I hope this week is filled with so much joy and happiness for each and every one of you!!