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Wow that had to have been the longest week of my life. It just dragged and to make things worse I felt like I got nothing accomplished. We have gotten in a little rut when it comes to school so we have been keeping things a little light this week. Madelyn has been focusing on her reading and Annaliese on her math. Finnegan has been nothing but cranky all week which I think is from teething. But he will not let me see are feel without biting my finger off. The weather though has been so nice that we have spent most of our time outdoors. We were able to work on the yard a bit and pull some of the summer furniture out. Things are about to get really busy (like it always does during the summer) so I’m trying my best to get everything organized, cleaned, out away, and school completed before the madness begins!

flowers and children

Here is what I am loving this week!

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If you have read these before you know I always have to share a book. This book is older and has been turned into a movie already but my goodness it is so good. I recommend it to anyone looking for a beautifully written and painfully gripping book.

I love the farmhouse look but sometimes the decor is so pricey. That is why I love this DIY using dollar store items.

Ok I am beginning to love the thought of meal prepping especially for Josh and I for lunch. This recipe would be amazing to try!

Bought Finnegan the cutest swimsuit trunks and rashguard.

And I know I already featured the Bouqs company in my Mother’s Day gift guide but I received another bouquet of flowers and my word…gorgeous! Use the code BlissfullyInsaneBlogLuvsMom over at for 20% off a beautiful bouquets for Mom for mother’s day!!

Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!