VitaTops: A Healthy Treat for Busy Moms

With spring arriving and summer right behind, our days are beginning to become more hectic. We come out of hibernation. We get to explore more. Our days are filled with playing at the playground, visiting friends, shopping, and exploring the beautiful places around us. I love these days. I love being able to load up the car and see what adventures we can find. But with maintaining a busy lifestyle, food is something that many times gets neglected. A busy mom is not a fun mom if she is hangry!

A little fun fact, I am hypoglycemic. So it is important for me to always have food on hand and to eat something every few hours. But finding healthy and delicious snacks that I can carry in the diaper bag can sometimes be difficult. I do not know how many times I shove a bag of chips in my bag to snack on. Totally not healthy and totally not worth it! Thankfully I found a new snack that not only is delicious to eat but is nutritious. VitaTops MuffinTops keeps this busy mom functioning and not missing a single step. VitaTops are made from simple and clean ingredients. Each MuffinTop has its own unique healthy benefits such as organic, protein-rich, and gluten free. Plus each MuffinTop is low in calories and high in fiber. So these are not only good for me but they are guilt-free! Nothing like finding a snack to have that I can indulge in!

I was able to try the deep chocolate and wild blueberry MuffinTops. Both are equally delicious. The deep chocolate MuffinTop satisfied my craving of something sweet. It is nice to know that I am able to eat something chocolatey while still maintaining healthy habits. The wild blueberry MuffinTop is filled with the right amount of blueberries. Blueberries are my favorite and I could have eaten the whole box! Each MuffinTop is individually wrapped allowing for me to grab, throw in my bag, and go. So while the girls play, I can easily enjoy a snack that will make me feel good! I sometimes will even share, if they are lucky! Being busy does not have to mean that there is no time to indulge and eat something great!

These do not disappoint! VitaTops are the perfect healthy treat for busy moms! So next time you are in the need for a great treat while doing all the busy mom stuff, indulge in a VitaTops MuffinTops!

I found my VitaTops MuffinTops at my local grocer. You can find yours at your nearest Publix, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Shop-Rite or Target. You can also use their store locator to find the retailer closest to you.