The Sweet Potatoe Rep

IMG_4254As a stay at home mom and a photography enthusiast, I am often looking on Instagram for inspiration to make life easier and more enjoyable. Whether it is recipes, craft projects, or mini photo shoots, Instagram is a wonderful tool to use in seeking fun things for me and the girls to do. One day I came across a post about a brand rep search. I had absolutely no idea what it was. I instantly became intrigued and looked further into what exactly this meant. Being a brand rep means that the shop that you are a part of gives you free merchandise in exchange for great quality photos of that merchandise.

IMG_2673 (1)I thought that it was a neat way to promote a business and work on my photography skills. My very first entry into a brand rep search was to a lovely shop called The Sweet Potatoe. I felt as though my chances were slim but I took a chance. A week later I received a message on my Instagram that made me all giddy. We were chosen! Madelyn was a brand rep for the shop! I was so excited that these wonderful people looked at my sweet Madelyn and my photography and said this girl fits what we want. The Sweet Potatoe is a hip and modern organic clothing line created by the beautiful and talented Maria Aldana. Her clothing is designed and made in the USA. I am absolutely in love with the clothing. Both my girls are constantly asking to wear the shirts that we have. Once we received our first package it was time to get creative. I love being able to take pictures of my girls even when they do not want to cooperate with me.

IMG_2787 (1)  IMG_3368 (1)  IMG_2785 (1)

This is probably by far one of my favorites that I have taken of Madelyn. She was not happy this day about taking pictures but I pushed anyway. Within the thirty pictures I took, this little gem was sitting. Perfect little pout. Perfect hold of the cup. Perfect attitude.

IMG_2833 (1)

One day Maria emailed me and asked if she could submit this photo for an online look book for the upcoming trade show is NYC. Of course I said yes and the picture was chosen to be part of the look book. I was elated! My little girl a part of a trade show in NYC!!!! Also during the trade show Maria tagged me in a picture….


I was so proud. I find it a big deal. Many may not. But come on… the picture that I took of my sweet Madelyn at the Children’s club trade show! I am really happy that I chose to enter the brand rep world. I will forever have a soft spot for The Sweet Potatoe and will continue to represent even when our responsibilities come to an end. Please everyone should check out their wonderful shop.

They are also on Facebook and Instagram!! @thesweetpotatoe